35 Tips For Scuba Diving In Goa For Beginners

35 Tips For Scuba Diving In Goa For Beginners

Scuba Diving is always the dream water activity for many. For those of you who are looking for Scuba Diving in Goa then you are definitely in the right place. Scuba diving is a favorite adventure activity in Goa. Experiencing Scuba Diving will open your eyes and mind after viewing the beautiful marine life. Beginners if you are planning to go for scuba diving. Remember 35 beginners’ tips in mind for safety.

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  • Take a deep breath and get relax and also stay focused which helps to conserve oxygen during dive.
  • Pay attention to your cylinder gauges.
  • Never drink or consume drug before diving. Stay sober.
  • Sunscreen helps to prevent sunburn and skin PH level. So apply it.
  • Don’t go much underwater. Go till you can bear.
  • A log will help you keep the things you learn along the way and become a reference guide for the future dive. So keep the log.
  • Test and check buoyancy and ensure everything is attached and working properly.
  • Don’t rush and go slow. There are multiple things to see and also plenty of time to see so take your time and slow down.
  • Keep confidence but don’t become overconfident. Keep trust on your guts.
  • Learn to make decisions for your safety. Keep in mind all the conditions for diving.
  • Look for good gear. Your gear is the main factor of your survival while diving.
  • See whether your gear and equipment are of good quality and in condition to use.
  • Know your skill levels and dive within your skills levels.
  • Learn to identify the underwater species. This will help you to reduce the incidents.
  • Always keep a focus on instructors and guides.
  • If you have any confusion, don’t hesitate to ask questions of the instructors.

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Try to understand all the rope signals, hand signals, and light signals.

It is very necessary to keep these beginners tips in mind for self-safety. Sea Water Sports will give training at swimming pool. Pick and drop and free equipment will be provided. Snacks, mineral water, juice, beer, fruit are also offered. Guides are there from the start to the end. So don’t worry, Book Now and experience Scuba Diving with Sea Water Sports for your next trip.

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