5 Facts You Need To Know About Scuba Diving

Did you know that Goa is one of the best destinations in India for adventurous water activity called Scuba Diving? Well, glad to bring this to your notice and this could be a fresh addition to your “To-Do Bucket List” when you are visiting Goa.

A trip to explore Scuba Diving in Goa considered being an excellent choice by all holidaymakers who visit Goa.

But still there’s some buildup about it and most visitors new to Goa do not consider this activity to be desirable of their vacation time. So here are the 5 Facts nobody must have told you about Scuba in Goa.

scuba diving in goa

  1.  It Is The Cheapest Adventure Activity You Will Love To Explore.

Scuba Diving is the cheapest adventure water activity by Sea Water Sports you could ever get to do in Goa. The Scuba Diving in Goa price is somewhere around Rs 2899 per head only. I think one should not miss the chance of exploring Scuba Diving with such an affordable rate.

  1. Most Loved Water Activity And Preferred By Everyone.

Everyone can have a blast with the fishes underwater in Goa from your friend to your cousin and all the way to your parents. The reason that makes it most suitable for all ages is that it is a risk-free activity if the instructions are followed properly and does not include anything which can break your sweat.

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  1. Don’t Worry About Swimming And Just Have Fun.

Just sit back and relax because Scuba Diving at Grand Island can be done by anyone whether they are non-swimmers or beginners. In a Scuba Diving, you don’t have to swim all the way to get a glimpse of the colorful marine life. You are given 100% well-equipped equipment and the diver who is well trained in handling any unforeseen circumstances will accompany all the time. Before doing Scuba Diving you will get all the necessary instructions by the instructors and guides. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

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  1. The Amazing Location Spot In Goa.

The tour kicks off in Grand Island in Goa which is considered to be the popular destination for Scuba Diving. The dive spots are depthless with an average of 4 to 14 meter. There are plenty of hard corals, reefs, colorful fishes and you will love exploring dive with toms to view. The view around the Grand Island differs from 10 kilometers to a few feet average about 4 to 5 meters. The few spots also have various names but all are located in Grand Island.

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  1. Best Way To Experience One Of A Kind Marine Life In Goa

Ultimately after all these experiences, the main reason why you want to go for Scuba Diving is that you want to experience wonderful marine life and this water sports activities serves its purpose. In particular, if the weather permits you can come across various species of fishes. The experience will be surreal.

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Aren’t these facts about Scuba Diving interesting? So when are you coming to Goa to explore Scuba Diving?

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