Best Scuba Diving Activities For Non Swimmer In Goa

scuba diving

If you are looking for Best Scuba Diving  In Goa For Non-Swimmer. If you want to know about an underwater scuba diving activities for non-swimmer you must read full blog given below.

Scuba diving is a water activity which is done underwater with the help of equipment called ‘Scuba’. Scuba is an apparatus which is completely independent to breathe underwater. Divers are those who explore Scuba Diving. They carry their own breathing cylinder.  Underwater with the help of fins attached to the feet by divers. Clear underwater vision can be seen with a mask. Well-trained trainers give instructions and training in the swimming pool are given there. Non-swimmers, you don’t have to worry. Even you go for Scuba Diving. While going for Diving, an individual guide will be there with you from the start to the end. Sea Water Sports provides various Scuba Diving Packages are available

History of Scuba Diving in Goa

A Short History

Knowing about the history of Scuba Diving can be a life-changing. Nowadays Diving apparatus is used for scuba diving by divers. But back in the day, how it would be possible without using equipment breathing underwater. Back in 550BC, a Greek soldier dived off a ship using a hollow reed to breather underwater for hours. Alexander the Great also found the way to breathe underwater. He used to stay underwater by using a barrel as his own diving bell. This is how Scuba Diving got so developed.

Equipment Needed

Scuba diving is also a dangerous activity if you are not trained or instruct with proper knowledge. There are many such major used equipment which needs to be talked about, its functions and different gears :

scuba diving equipment


  • Dive Mask

With the help of a dive mask, there is less chance of water entering the engine. It raises the level of air intake when crossing water.  A higher air intake will decrease the amount of dust entering the system. It helps to allow cooler air to enter your engine.

scuba diving mask


  • Regulator

Regulator helps to let breathe underwater. It is connected to the tank which helps to deliver air to the mouth and also known as Octopus. this equipment won’t let you suffocate or struggle underwater.

Scuba Diving Regulator

  • Swim fins

Swim fins are fin-like apparatus which are worn on the legs. It is made of the mixture of rubber and plastic. It helps to move underwater more efficiently while Diving.

scuba diving swim fins

  • Wetsuits

To immersed in water or frequently doused with heavy spray wetsuits are used. It helps to keep water out. Nowadays wetsuits are also being worn for competitive advantages not just for warmth.

scuba diving Wetsuits



Multiple facilities are provided by Sea Water Sports. From pickup to drop service will be there. Snacks, mineral water, lunch, fruits, beers for adults are provided. 100% guaranteed equipment is provided by Sea Water Sports.

Isn’t it interesting? Therefore, it is said that everyone should try Scuba Diving once in their life. Go and Book Now as soon as possible.

scuba diving facilities

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