Goa Beaches And Tourist Attractions


Though being the smallest state of India, Goa is one of the tourist destinations in India for anyone who craves to jazz upon its charming beaches to encourage their soul inside out for its gorgeous beaches. Goa is an infinite sphere of beaches full of lively parties, romantic resorts, wacky water sports, sunbathing recliners, and a lot more. In fact, it won’t be incorrect to call the Goa beaches the lifeline of Goa tourism, as they add to the surreal beauty of this popular tourist place in India. Tourists love coming here to indulge in the fun and frolicking in this destination of sun, sand, and surf!  If you’re planning a holiday in Goa anytime soon, then you must read this blog here, as we will be discussing the best 20 beaches to visit on your vacation to this paradisiacal destination.

Scuba Diving in Goa

There’s something with Goa and virginity and there’s a first time for everything. Most of the people who come here want Goa to witness their ‘first time’. Among all the other things Scuba Diving in Goa is a perfect place for beginners to scuba dive!! Goa might not be the diving capital of India but it can definitely give the best prep you can get for Scuba diving at the best locations. The conditions here at Goa are ideal for a first-time diver to trust themselves. Here they will get a chance to not being paranoid in the mysterious sea. No current will sweep you off the feet and no trainer will tear out your pocket.

Water Sports in Goa

Goa is an excellent destination for those who want to enjoy water sports activities. Beaches of Goa has many water sports activities. Tourists are attracted to Goa for its charming beaches. Its Impressive beaches, vast coastline attracts tourists to fall for water sports activities, such as scuba diving, speed boat, jet ski, banana ride, bumper ride, parasailing and many more. Jet ski and parasailing is the most popular water activity, tourist enjoys at several beaches of Goa. Best beaches to enjoy water sports activities are Calangute, Baga, Candolim, and many more. Scuba diving and snorkeling are reserved for destinations like Grand Island in Goa.

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