Lets Plan For Scuba Diving At Grand Island In Goa


Planning to visit Goa? Then there is something interesting and necessary for you. Your Goa holiday will remain deficient if you don’t visit the Grand Island Goa, which is also called Monkey Island. It is the best place for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa. You can also try your luck at dolphin safari and fishing. Various water sports are done at Grand Island in Goa. You can indulge in those water sports to make your Goa trip more memorable. A visit to Grand Island will surely be a marvel you will remember for whole life. There are charming beaches you can sit and relax, and view the beauty.


Scuba Diving at Grand Island

Doing Scuba Diving at Grand Island in Goa is fun. There are various dive spots to choose from. There are sites suitable for beginner divers. The depth in the near shore water is about 7- 20 meters.  Start your dive after perfect training and instructions provided by the trainers of Sea Water Sports. You can also view colorful species of fish, sea turtle and beautiful coral reefs. You can’t describe the beauty of underwater after you experience Scuba Diving. Being a non-swimmer or beginner will not become any obstruction here as your equipment and guides provided by Sea Water Sports will be there with you.


Dolphin safari in Goa

There are various places in India where you can view dolphins. But at Grand Island in Goa, you can view an entire pod of dolphins if you try your luck. All you have to do is, be alert. It takes a second for dolphins to spin.


Fishing in Grand Island

You can try your luck for Fishing at Grand Island in Goa sitting on the boat. You can carry anything you catch, and it will be served wonderfully for a lunch on the island. Light snack, biscuits, mineral water, fruits and many more.

Aren’t that interesting? Planning a short trip to Goa, then indulge in Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa with Sea Water Sports and make assure that your trip becomes fun as well as a memorable one.

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